Friday 5 October 2018

Some videos about the influence of Ingmar Bergman

1/ This is a video comparing a scene from Persona and from Robert Altman’s 3 Women:
Here are all the posts I’ve written about 3 Women:

2/ The influence of Ingmar Bergman on cinema and other filmmakers doesn’t need to be said, but it’s nice to see to see clips put together like this:

Persona - After and Before from Steven Benedict on Vimeo.

My only complaint is that there are a few odd choices—some clips don’t look like a direct or even indirect influence, but more like a random similar shot. Overall, it’s nicely edited.

3/ This one is about Bergman’s influence on pop culture:

As I once read somewhere, of Bergman’s films, Persona is most written about (even called the Mount Everest of film analysis) and The Seventh Seal is most parodied.
I like that in the video, they keep Woody Allen almost entirely out of it.

4/ And this one is probably my favourite parody of The Seventh Seal:

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