Friday, 15 August 2014

Nabokov and football

On the eve of the day on which Victor had planned to arrive, Pnin entered a sport shop in Waindell's Main Street and asked for a football. The request was unseasonable but he was offered one.  
'No, no', said Pnin, 'I do not wish an egg or, for example, a torpedo. I want a simple football ball. Round!'

This passage is funny in itself, but also because of this: 

When saying "football", I mean football, the game that involves feet (running, kicking) and a ball. Not handegg*. 
If you're interested in the origin of the word "soccer", here is a nice explanation:
Also, back to Nabokov, he played football back then at Cambridge, by the way. A goalkeeper.
Who knew. 

*: Just so you know, I also dislike the American date format and measurement systems, for logical rather than personal reasons. But then that's another story. 

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