Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Daniel Day-Lewis meets the press

Here are Daniel's Oscar backstage videos.

Plus his 3 Oscar acceptance speeches.

The latest one is here, but embedding's been disabled. *
Extremely intelligent, witty, clever, thoughtful, charming (especially the 1st time), gentlemanly, calm, polite and humorous. Except for his dreadful sense of fashion, Daniel's basically perfect. An incredible, admirable, superb and unique actor, a great role model, an inspiring person, a depressingly wonderful man.
It's also interesting to note that he's different each time.
The 1st time, he was particularly careful, contemplative, thoughtful, with grace and a charmingly soft voice.
Later he somehow lost his dazzling look, but of course, remained smart, witty and therefore sexy.
The 3rd time, his answers were short and very humorous. It baffles me greatly how some people got the chance to meet and interview the 1st 3-time repicient of Oscar for best leading actor, in history, and could ask such silly, idiotic questions. Can't say if they were really stupid, or wanted to ask such questions merely to see his reaction. Whatever the case, Daniel was in total control and knew the answer to each and all of them. But yes, the 3rd time Daniel did seem to prove his sister Tamasin's description of him.
Too much praise, I suppose. But the more I know about him, the more I love him.
Now, how about a, say, 5-year-rest and a 4th Oscar? 

*: The way Meryl Streep presented it, there are 2 things I like. 
1st, in the introduction she praised the outstanding performances, which could win any other year and which made it difficult for the Academy to decide who should be the winner. Usually it's easy to see who has the best performance, but sometimes the competition can be very fierce. This year, while I can easily exclude Denzel Washington and Bradley Cooper, I understand that it's difficult to decide between Daniel Day-Lewis, Joaquin Phoenix and Hugh Jackman. Very often, I hear somebody say "He should have won an Oscar for that", and merely want to tell them to look at the year and consider the Oscar nominees that year. The Oscar's not given to a good performance, but the best performance, at least on principle. I feel sorry for both Joaquin and Hugh, both of whom have been amazing, especially Joaquin. 
I also know there are many people who think Hugh Jackman deserves the Oscar more than Daniel, but their argument is flawed- that Hugh can play equally well any of the other roles but the other nominees can't play his. The truth is, Daniel has sung in "Nine" and, as far as I know, Joaquin, in "Walk the line". But they can't sing as well as Hugh! Well, that's the point. I love Hugh Jackman, but there's no way he can reach Daniel's level. After Daniel he would still have had to beat Joaquin, but it's true that he could win another year. 
2nd, though it's outrageous that Meryl opened the envelope off camera, the way she said it was a bit funny, as though she thought 'well everybody knew Daniel Day-Lewis would win anyway'. 

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