Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Updates: The Portrait of a Lady and other things

Apologies to everyone I've been "ignoring" lately. I've been busy, with studies, work (4 days a week) and personal matters. Many things happened- misfortunes rarely come singly, indeed. I twisted my knee or something about 2 weeks ago and got a limp, screwed up at work last Friday, got involved in some work drama (South Korean TV series style), and as though that's not enough, my laptop hasn't worked since Friday (I'm on campus at the moment). No need to worry though, I'm fine, and there will be brighter days.
Regarding The Portrait of a Lady, I'm behind almost everyone else in the read-along I organised myself.
Here are Anne's thoughts on it:
Tom and perhaps Himadri are ahead of me, but they haven't written about the novel.
Caroline is behind, having read about more than 10 chapters.
Matthew perhaps has given up on Henry James:
Not part of my read-along, but Stefanie has just read The Portrait of a Lady and written a review:
I of course have to share this hilarious post, in case anyone hasn't seen it:
And here is a review by Danielle, who read the novel along with Stefanie:
It's probably not as "positive" as the earlier post:
I also found, among others, 2 interesting articles.
In the 2nd article, Michael Gorra (author of Portrait of a Novel) argues that The Portrait of a Lady is the great American novel.
So that's it. How are y'all doing?

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