Tuesday 25 November 2014

B&W architecture- my new photos
By me. 
Now I know where to go were I to make a dystopian film. 


  1. Di,

    Yes, definitely dystopian, and then some. Where were they taken? Who were the architects--some AIs?

    1. Hi Fred.
      Those photos were taken in an area in Oslo called Bjørvika, and the buildings are part of what is known as the Barcode project.
      That's all I know.
      I'll tell you when I find out who the architects were.

  2. Di,

    Barcode? As in the digital signatures that computers recognize? Maybe they were designed by computers and not by humans.

    1. Hahahahaha. Very likely.
      I have no idea why they use that name. Probably because of the shapes of the buildings? There's another area in Oslo that has some similar buildings, I'll see if I have time to go there and take some photos.


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