Saturday, 25 January 2014

Rant on an abhorrent "Indiana Jones" film

I've just watched (a part of) "Indiana Jones and the temple of doom". 
Not trying to be politically correct or anything, I find it intolerably offensive, for 2 reasons: 
1st, the Indian characters, portrayed by actors who don't have Indian accent and don't even look very Indian to me, eat beetles, baby snakes, eyeball soup and monkey brains. Seriously?
2nd, the film features a dumb blond woman, who screams from the beginning to the end, and when not screaming, asks stupid questions. Seriously? Especially when placed beside the leading character, the charismatic, clever, courageous, calm Indiana Jones, she looks like a foil, marking the contrast between herself and him and making Indiana Jones appear more glorious. 
It should be said too, that this film came out in 1984, which was not a long time ago. The comic character in "Breakfast at Tiffany's", played by a white American actor, exploiting the stereotype of the Japanese to make people laugh, is offensive, but less repugnant than the ones mentioned above, and also more forgiveable because the film came out in 1961. But 1984!

Well I'm going to sleep.

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