Saturday, 5 October 2013

Ode an die Freude

I can't say why this video brought tears to my eyes, but it did. This is wonderful. 

[One may ask, what makes me love this 1 video much, much more than tons of other flashmobs on youtube? I suppose it's because I love Beethoven, because I love his symphony no.9- especially 2nd and 4th movements, because I love the way it was arranged that some people looked as though they heard the music and went out of their houses with their own instruments to join the orchestra, because I love the way people- particularly the kids- reacted and responded to the music, because I love the way music unites people (which interestingly fits the lyrics) and because this video is very European and I love Europe. Beethoven would have loved this, even when unable to hear a thing.]

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