Wednesday, 16 October 2013

New thoughts on Quentin Tarantino

I hated "Kill Bill". Damn well I did. For a long while I didn't understand what was the big deal about him, why he was so acclaimed and popular, why people were so crazy about his pornography of violence. I checked out "Pulp fiction" once and stopped after the "what" scene. Afterwards for a long while I kept a certain distance from his films altogether and retained my prejudice.
Luckily enough, in spite of that prejudice my mind's open enough. I like the 1st half of "Django unchained" and fell head over heels in love with the soundtracks (some of the songs, by the way, are in my stupidphone).
I like "Inglourious basterds".
And now "Pulp fiction" (surprise!).
It may be early now to declare him to be a favourite, but at this point it is understandable to me why he's 1 of the most acclaimed directors of his generation in particular, and 1 of the best of all time in general.
1/ Good cinematography and camera angles.

2/ His films are very stylised and I love that. As well as the use of primary/ strong colours (both because it reminds me of Stanley Kubrick and because I like vibrant colours myself).

3/ Great music. Particularly in "Django unchained".

4/ Unforgettable, iconic scenes.

5/ He's a true auteur. I mean, it's 1 thing that he writes the screenplays of his own films, but he has his own style, a very strong and distinct and recognisable style.
(You must be wondering why these days I repeat the word "auteur" all the time. It's because of my course "Fiction and film". We read Truffaut's essay on the auteur theory and talked about it a few times, and then with such ideas in mind I watched several films by Stanley Kubrick, which gave me even a stronger understanding of the word "auteur" and which changed or at least affected my view on directors. Now whenever I examine a director, I immediately ask myself whether he can be called an auteur).

6/ Brilliant dialogue. Especially in "Pulp fiction" and "Inglourious basterds".

7/ Interesting and memorable characters: Vincent Vega and Mia Wallace and Jules Winnfield in "Pulp fiction", Hans Landa and Aldo Raine and Major Hellstrom in "Inglourious basterds", Dr. King Schultz and Calvin J. Candie and Stephen in "Django unchained", etc.

And of course there are more reasons. I bet some people can write essays about Quentin Tarantino. I'm not going to. But you've got the idea. 
Will talk more about this guy later.

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