Friday, 6 June 2014

[Photos] Slottsparken

Taken by me, in October 2013.
For bigger size:



  1. Di,

    Almost look as though they were taken in IR

    1. Ah haha. Do you take pictures too?

    2. Di,

      I used to many years ago, but then I found I couldn't remember what I had seen because I was too involved in taking pictures. So, I stopped.

      A friend of mine is a photographer and has taken many IR photos and posted them on his site. If you are interested, go to my blog and check out the "Blogs I follow" column for these two blogs.

      My Blue Heaven

      Scott Wood Photography - Pacific Northwest Photographer

    3. I understand that. And I agree- that is why I don't bring my camera around and take pictures of (almost) everything as before, though I don't stop altogether.
      Also, I've also decided not to take pictures when I have a chance to see the northern lights.
      And thanks for that, I'll have a look.

  2. Cool stuff. I feel sooooo amateur.
    (And I am).