Monday, 23 June 2014

Pierre Bezukhov and Dolokhov

I've come to Volume II part II chapter 11.
The other day I wrote that, Pierre changes except that he still tends to act on emotions. There's another thing that doesn't change- lack of resolution. Yearning to live a different life after joining the freemasonry but irresolute and indecisive, and letting others see it, Pierre is easily taken advantage of and fooled by the head steward. He easily accepts and feels content with some numbers in a record and certain things displayed particularly for him, and lives in illusion, because he so much wants to change that he also plays a part in the deception (without awareness of it) so as to make himself believe that he has done something useful and worthwhile after years of self-indulgence and idleness, and at the same time, he wants to change but lacks the determination to go to the end of things, to know with conviction that things have truly worked, not only seem so. 
Dolokhov is different. His tough appearance, with that bully persona, is a way he protects himself, as he hides from the world, except a few people close to him, his weaker, more vulnerable, gentle side. That might be dangerous, because if he always holds back emotions and tries to appear stronger, tougher, at some point it may break him. However, for the time being, one can see that Dolokhov can protect himself and handle things just fine, can be decisive and determined, and doesn't let others exploit him in any way.

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