Monday, 28 January 2013

Whatever, Breivik. Whatever.

This blog entry is about Anders Breivik.

Does it ring a bell? No? 
I doubt that anybody remembers him, but that's all right: he's the terrorist in the 2011 Oslo attacks- the bombing of the government quarter in Oslo and the shooting on Utøya island.
The other day I saw this article:
Which reminded me of 2 other articles:
There's another one here as well:
However, according to there's no hunger strike going on. I don't know what's true, but at least I know he has been complaining that:  
- His coffee is not hot enough. 
- The guards restrict his access to candies. 
- The pen causes him discomfort and pain. 
- He's not allowed moisturiser. 
- He doesn't have enough butter for his bread. 
- The cell is poorly decorated and has no view. 
- The handcuffs are too sharp and cut in his wrist. 
- The cell is too cold and forces him to wear 3 layers of clothes.  
- "The self-confessed killer described numerous prison practices as “degrading” in his letter, including that he is watched when swallowing his vitamin pills, that he’s not allowed a mop to clean his cell and that he is subjected to daily strip searches, sometimes by female prison guards.
Keeping up his personal hygiene is also a challenge, he said.
“Use of a toothbrush and electric shaver is always under supervision. One is therefore under mental pressure to finish quickly as the guards are tapping their feet outside the cell . . . This limits brushing to once a day and shaving to once a week in order not to have to go through the mental ordeal more often than necessary,” he wrote in the letter."
- He doesn't have internet.
I believe he's displeased or annoyed with a lot more, because the letter is 27-page long. 
My hypotheses: 
1/ He's megalomaniac and believes that he should be treated differently from other prisoners. 
2/ He's crazy and has forgotten that he's in prison, not in a hotel. 
3/ He's an ignoramus, who doesn't know about the conditions of prisons in many other countries, Vietnam for example. The dude can simply spend some time in a Vietnamese prison and he'll learn. 
4/ He abuses the concepts of democracy and human rights and wants to challenge the Norwegian leaders, wants to see how democratic Norway can actually be. 
5/ He desperately wants attention and does anything to appear in the media even at the expense of being ridiculed. And he does get attention. Besides those that criticise him, curse him, hate him, despise him, laugh at him, want to execute him, feel disgusted with him, etc. there are also admirers and fans, and according to this article I've just read there have been letters sent to him from kids under 18, some of which are love letters and there's even a love letter from a 16-year-old girl. 
Oh wow. What can one say? 

Update at 11.16pm: 
I've just read about a dude named Terry Nichols, another lunatic who also complained about the conditions of his jail and even filed a lawsuit.
He was ignored, of course. So Anders Breivik should also be ignored, even if he officially goes on hunger strike. 

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