Saturday, 5 January 2013

Anna Karina in "Vivre sa vie"

I love "Vivre sa vie"- since watching it a couple of hours ago I've been dazzled, unable to watch any other film. But it would take a whole essay to write about this film by Jean-Luc Godard, which is not what I'm going to do now. 
I'd only like to write about Anna Karina. 
Anna Karina
Anna Karina
Anna Karina
To be honest I don't think of her as a great beauty. Yet there's something about her I really love. Something melancholy, something graceful, elegant and very beautiful, in everything she does- the way she walks, the way she turns and moves her hands, especially the way she holds a cigarette. 

And, especially the photo that made me watch "Vivre sa vie": 

It is unnecessary to comment on, and praise, her sublime performance, especially the scene where she cries watching "Joan of Arc", but I've been struck by something else. The cinematographer captures her from wonderful angles. I feel as though I can never get her images out of my head, as though I can never forget her.
Isn't that odd? 

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