Wednesday, 17 October 2018

A rant

The news depresses me. Social media depress me. People depress me. 
I suppose that for lots of people, if having to name the kinds of people they hate, would say racists, sexists (or misogynists), homophobes, transphobes, etc. I probably wouldn’t. At the top of my list would be liars, hypocrites, misers, narcissists, and I would also say idiots and philistines. I can’t stand them—those who make generalisations and don’t care about details and individuals; who dismiss facts and figures; who think details, subtleties, and nuances are unimportant and use the word “pedantic” for those who don't; who are careless about grammar, spelling, and punctuation; who make false comparisons and equate as the same things that are superficially similar; who think art should serve a purpose or else it’s pointless; who don’t really care about art and genius; who don’t care about quality and think that those who do are pretentious and snobbish; who put people into groups and think identity is no more than race, ethnicity, sexuality, and religion and think of people in terms of privilege; who don’t believe in free speech and debate; who judge others not by their words and actions, but by their skin colour, sexuality, religion, social position, and the scale of privilege; who think that because you belong to a certain group, you’re not allowed to speak of or depict anything from another group; who have double standards, and so on. 
Such people are numerous and everywhere. It’s depressing. Does nobody care about quality anymore? Does nobody care about facts? 
It’s not even about politics and what side you’re on. If there are misogynists on 1 side, the other side has misandrists. If there are racists and white supremacists on 1 side, the other side has “social justice warriors” who think you can say whatever hateful thing about white people because you can’t be racist against whites. If there are people on 1 side who don’t believe accusers and blame victims of rape and sexual assault, the other side has people who believe all survivors (which actually means believe all accusers) and go with guilty-before-proven-innocent. 
Then when some people are already firmly on their side, fully believing in their so-called cause, individuals don’t matter, details don’t matter, arguments don’t matter, even facts don’t matter. 
It’s sad and pathetic.


  1. agree, mostly... which is why we live out in the woods and don't associate with others much... oth, he said (me), trying to identify reality is an interesting, life-time project: try reading a little zen...
    i had trouble posting on your last... i think google is playing games with the internet...

  2. i meant to say: congratulations on your film success; looks like a bright future ahead... i want to add: people in general are deluded: they think what they make up is real: like religion... reality is what you get when you take a walk, ride a bike, make a movie(sometimes)... almost all of what you observe, human-wise, is illusionary; making sense of what's around you is a challenge... sorry if this is intrusive....

  3. I don't like people, but at the same time can't live out in the woods, away from people. After all I couldn't bear the quietness and loneliness in Norway.
    But thank you.