Friday, 28 October 2016

The Confidence-Man- the end

I've finished The Confidence-Man (after about 2 months?). What should I make of it? 
I don't know what I think. This is a strange book, a very strange book, not weird in the way Gogol is weird, or Lewis Carroll is weird, but unusual, because it doesn't look like a novel, but not in the sense that it encompasses many genres and is many things at once like War and Peace or Moby Dick, it's simply different. This book I must read again later and should write about only when I'm more familiar with Melville as well as Thoreau, Poe, Emerson... 


  1. It's such a strange novel, and difficult. Full of puzzles, mostly unsolved by me. Parker's quotation is wonderful and accurate.

  2. Di,

    It's one of my favorite Melville works.

  3. Tom,
    It is, indeed. I didn't dare to write about it.
    I like the word "exhilaration".

    I know. Do you want to write more about it?

    1. Di,

      I'll probably do a brief blog post on it sometime soon. It's a complex work, and I'm struggling with it.