Thursday, 22 September 2016

Currently reading: Google Maps

Long time no see, folks.
I just moved to Leeds last week. I know, surprise! The reason for the silence is that I've been and still am extremely busy, having a lot to sort out and many other things to do and hardly anyone but myself to rely on, and I haven't been reading anything but Google Maps- only got my student card on Monday and went to the library today to borrow another copy of The Confidence-Man
So, yeah... 
Regarding my new life in Leeds: 

I'm uploading the 1st photos of Leeds. You'll see them soon. 


  1. wow! that was a surprise! veteran world traveler, you are! by the mention of a school card i guess you're at some uni... more education is good and exciting... you'll do well, i have no doubt; but best of luck, anyhow!

  2. i looked up Leeds on Google map: leeds university, i guess... nice wide sidewalks; lots of construction going on, in May, anyhow... you'll need a bicycle, the city looks kind of spread out in an irregular sort of way... what are going to study? tell me to put a cork in it if i'm too nosy...

  3. Yes, i was beginning to wonder...