Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Corregidora is a zoo

All the animal names!
Cat (Catherine) is obvious.
Tadpole is another easy one. Which, by the way, looks like sperm. Mutt misremembers the name as Crawdad, which is crayfish. "Crawdad or Tadpole, they both swim around in the same hole" (remember what I wrote earlier about the word "hole"?). 
I missed the other names (what can I do, considering my broken English).
We've got Mutt. As it turns out, the word means a dog, especially a mongrel. This character is seriously a "son and heir of a mongrel bitch". 
We've got Martin. I didn't know there's a kind of bird called martin.
Even Ursa is an animal. Bear. That's a nice pun- she has to bear witness to Corregidora's abuse. Might mean something else. 
Did I miss anything? These can't be coincidences. What do these names signify? 


Sorry for being silent and not replying to anybody over the past few days. I've been very busy, stressed, tired, paranoid and now quite sick. Will try to respond to you all when I can. 

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