Thursday, 16 October 2014

The Best Years of Our Lives

Do you know that feeling when you've just watched a great film and feel too overwhelmed to write a decent review (or anything at all) but still want to yell to let others know that you've just watched a masterpiece and feel very excited about it and think everybody should go watch it?* 
Well, that's how I feel now. And the film is, as you can see in the title, The Best Years of Our Lives. 3 men return home from the war: Al returns to his loving wife and 2 children but feels that he no longer recognises them; Fred comes back to a frivolous, mercenary wife who no longer cares about him as he now must work at a drugstore at a low salary, i.e. he neither likes his marriage nor his job; Homer, having lost both hands and using hooks instead, comes back feeling hopeless and afraid of facing his girlfriend Wilma. The 3 stories are woven, depicting the difficulties veterans face after a war, whilst emphasising on love, hope and human fortitude. A beautiful, moving and inspiring film. 
98% on Rotten Tomatoes, 8.2 on IMDB, 7 Oscars. 

*: I felt that way 3 times over the past 30 days: On the Waterfront, Sunset Boulevard and now this one. 

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