Monday, 18 February 2013

Daniel Day-Lewis ravings

Because none of my friends shares the same enthusiasm, or actually, none has seen "Lincoln", I must talk to myself, you see. If you aren't interested, just ignore me.


Seth MacFarlane, the host of this year's Oscar ceremony, joking about Daniel Day-Lewis.


Daniel talking about Cecil Vyse in "The room with a view".

3/ Daniel as Abraham Lincoln.

First Look: Daniel Day-Lewis as Spielberg’s ‘Lincoln’ | EW

Still of Daniel Day-Lewis as Abraham Lincoln in ‘Lincoln’ (2012).

Oh yeah?

4/ 1 of my favourite lines in "There will be blood".

5/ Daniel's different faces:

6/ Golden Globe. ET reference. "Do the finger, do the finger!"

7/ "Eastwooding"- Talking to a chair.


Daniel singing "Guido's song" in "Nine":
Antonio Banderas's version on Broadway:

9/ Not exaggerating, I, having known about him since 2009, still sometimes have difficulty believing it's really him in "Gangs of New York" and "There will be blood".

Cameron Diaz and Daniel Day-Lewis in  ‘Gangs of New York’ 

I want no one else to succeed

10/ A tribute to his films:

11/ Tony Kushner on Daniel and his performance as Abraham Lincoln:
Jordon Gordon-Levitt on Daniel's method acting:
Steven Spielberg and Daniel on "Lincoln" and the making of it:

12/ Tom Hiddleston, it turns out, is a fan of Daniel Day-Lewis. 
He talked about Daniel here:
Several times, he mentioned his favourite actors and Daniel always came 1st. 
Tom also wrote on his twitter:
Ain't that cool? 

12/ 2012 induction ceremony of the American academy of arts and sciences, Daniel's belated speech.

13/ Being good-looking.

14/ Daniel on finding a voice for Lincoln:

Movie clips from "Lincoln":
Be a lawyer:

15/ "Gangs of New York" knife scene:

16/ Daniel as Lincoln and Daniel as Bill the butcher- mixed:

17/ "I drink your milkshake!"

18/ "I have a competition in me..."

19/ Some awards Daniel has got for "Lincoln":

Golden Globe:
Critics choice awards:
I realise that, not only an incredible actor, he's also a great speaker.
Oscar for "My left foot":
Oscar for "There will be blood":
Other acceptance speeches:

20/ Daniel "doesn't much like to dwell on past achievements, but instead to look forward. Consequently, he doesn't display his Oscar and Bafta statuettes at home. Seeing them every day, and being reminded of what they represent, would unsettle him. He does have one award on display, though: for Best Newcomer 2005.

"It's from my local running club."
The sparkle in his eyes reignites.
"I absolutely cherish it," he says."

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