Thursday, 24 May 2012

Sad and useless

- Classic paintings with a little something wild: 

- Wind tunnel portraits (photos taken when a strong current of air was blown into people's faces): 

- Depressed copywriter rewrites ads: 

- Mother's day confession cards: 

- Animals talking in all caps:

- Hangover owls:

- Murdered fairytale girls: 

- Tips for success: 

- Types of facebookers: 

- Birds with arms: 

- Airplane lavatory self-portraits: 

- Hairy famous women: 

- To-do list: 

- Celebrities with 1 tiny hand: 

- Celebrities that look like mattresses: 

- Maddie the coonhound standing on things:

- Disney princesses in real life: 

- Words on pictures: 

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