Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Odd sentences on the street

My ongoing project- taking photos of such lines. More will be uploaded when found. 
Finally there's something fun and adventurous. 

The scribbles of some Kaare Johnny Jakobsen have been there for a while, I remember seeing them when first coming to Norway. They looked like jokes, or I actually didn't give them much thought. But recently I notice that there are more and more such scribbles, and now with a noose. Some look like warnings, some like threats. And they don't seem like jokes, or pointless, meaningless scribbles any more, because some of them turned out to be true when I googled, such as TMBN and Trond Birkedal, and "Barn av regnbuen" is the name of a song. There was nothing to be found when I googled other names, but, it must be noted that in newspapers people here don't have the habit of revealing names of criminals and victims unless the people involved agree or it's a big case such as Anders Behring Breivik's (even if it sounds strange to you, that's how it is). 
I probably can never find out what this is all about, but the process of thinking, collecting and guessing is fun. 

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