Thursday, 24 January 2019

A few things I made recently

1/ This is a scene I did last year for Directing Workshop:

I wrote, directed, and edited it. Cinematographer was my classmate Frances Farrell Oscroft.
The scene was only marked on the way I worked with actors—nothing else, and there was no budget.

2/ This is the bank scene from the test shoot last December for my graduation film Non-Person.
We did 3 scenes for the test shoot, this is one of them.

A few points to clarify:
a) This was a SW4 assessment, which we saw as a chance to test a few things for the scenes. There will be changes.
b) For the assessment, the scene was shot in a studio. The actual film will be shot on location.
c) The actors were hired by the film school for the assessments. The actual cast will be different.
Having said that, this scene can give you an idea of what the story is like, and what kind of tone we are going for.
In addition to the 3 scenes, we also did a camera test:

3/ Here again is my film Colours of Her Mind, which I made on the side:

I made some flip tests:

And here’s a random silly video:

4/ Now serious stuff:
My film Footfalls has just been nominated for the RTS (Royal Television Society) Yorkshire Student Awards.

The ceremony is on 27/2.
Here’s the link: 
(under Short Form) 
I didn’t expect that.