Saturday, 1 April 2017

My 9 favourite fancy drinks

For a change, I'm writing about drinks. Actually, I'm not even writing about drinks. Here is a list. 
(By the word fancy, which I use loosely or even inaccurately, I mean I'm not going to include something as standard and common as, you know, cappuccino or latte or fresh orange juice, that you all know about and can find anywhere).
Baileys chai (at Bundobust, Leeds) 
Baileys caffè latte (at Browns, Leeds) 
Vietnamese iced milk coffee 
Mozartkaffee (at the Greek café-restaurant opposite Belvedere, Vienna)
Toffee latte (at McCafé)
Poppin' espresso martini (at Revolution) 
Salted caramel hot chocolate (at Hotel Chocolat)
Caramel frappe bubble tea (at Bubbleology) 
Vietnamese egg soda
Also: affogato 


  1. How do you make chai at home?

    1. For baileys chai, I have to go to Bundobust.
      Here they do have some teabag boxes but they're probably not proper stuff. Idk.