Friday, 6 January 2017

Author questions

I'm bored, so I'm just going to ask a bunch of questions about writers. These are for Fred and Tom and Tim and Mudpuddle and Himadri and Dai and Anne and Caroline and Nicrap and Miguel and anyone that visits this blog.
Mostly for fun.

1/ Who are your favourite writers?
2/ Who were your favourite writers when you were a teenager? Which of them do you still like?
3/ Which writers have most influenced you?
4/ Which writers do you wish had not influenced you?
5/ Which writers are you embarrassed you used to like?
6/ Which writers did you not expect to like, but did? 
7/ Which writers do you think you will still read, and like, for the rest of your life?
8/ Who are your favourite prose stylists? Or your favourite writers on the sentence level?
9/ Who are your favourite writers of characters?
10/ Which writers, alive or dead, would you invite to dinner?
11/ Which writers, alive or dead, would you like to know personally? And think you could be friends with?
12/ Do you personally know any published author?
13/ Which writers do you like/ admire but generally avoid, for some reason?
14/ Which writers do you like as critics/ essayists but not as novelists?
15/ Which writers have changed you as a reader?
16/ Who do you think are overrated?
17/ Who do you think are underrated and should be more widely read?
18/ Who do you think are the best living writers? 
19/ Which writers do you go to for comfort?
20/ Which writers do you go to for mere amusement?
21/ Who are the greatest writers that you don't personally like/ that you just don't warm to?
22/ Which writers do you hate/ strongly dislike?
23/ Which writers are you prejudiced against?
24/ Which writers do you feel you should have read by now?
25/ Which writers from your country would you recommend to a foreigner?
26/ Which writers do you recommend to everyone? Every serious reader?
27/ Which writers do you wish you could write like?
28/ What is your favourite language to read in? 
29/ Which foreign-language writers make you wish to learn their language in order to read them in the original? 
30/ Who is the best writer you've just discovered recently? 

My answers in 2017.


  1. Back from today's out-patient torture and otherwise off the air for a while, but I will enjoy answering your questions in a few days. All the best, Tim

  2. my gosh, how much time have you got?... just, i don't know, all time favorites, i guess; Herodotus, Cooper, Gardner, Heinlein, Asimov, Bradbury, Lovecraft, Poe, Steinbeck, thoreau, muir, innes, christie, trollope, twain, the catch 22 guy, woolf, and lots more... i'll get back when i remember some more...

  3. Replies
    1. All right, I've just done that- latest post.


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