Monday, 11 August 2014

My Paris and Barcelona photos

Photos taken by me. 
Fb account not required. If at some point the links don't work, that probably means that I have deactivated my fb account, which I once in a while do. 


I don't think I'll be back in Paris any time soon. This was my 4th time. It's not that I'm bored with Paris- in fact, odd as it sounds, I feel more like home in Paris than in Oslo, but there are many other places I need to visit 1st, especially those outside Europe.  
Doubt that I'll soon return to Barcelona either. A cool place, but with everything overcharged on account of the bad economy, with the rather bad services and long queues everywhere, with the extremely hot and stifling metro stations, Barcelona didn't give me very pleasant experiences and won't lure me back soon, much as I adore Gaudi's works, admire Joan Miro and love the tapas. 

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