Thursday, 22 May 2014

[More or less a rant] On high heels

Just walked around barefoot, and enjoyed it highly (except when the road in front of my house hurt my feet a bit). Maybe I should do that again soon. It's like eating with the hands instead of using cutlery- though I don't often do so, when I do, it's such a pleasure.
That might need a more detailed post.
Anyway, this one is about high heels. So let's be straightforward and spit it out:
I hate high heels! Satan's shoes they are. 
Maybe I should blame Oslo's roads, maybe I should blame my own lack of femininity, my big feet, my thin skin (which, methinks, is due to the cold). After all, for all of my life I have chosen convenience and comfort over [whatever you call it- beauty?], chosen shirts or t-shirts and jeans instead of dresses or skirts, chosen sport shoes or sneakers instead of high heels or doll shoes or sandals or anything feminine.
In some ways, high heels are like Chinese foot binding, just less extreme, and not obligatory.
Supposed to make women more beautiful and elegant? ✓
Change our way of walking? ✓
Restrict our mobility, make us unable to walk fast or run? ✓
Painful, especially if we have to walk in them for many hours? ✓
Demand that wearers prize style over mobility? ✓
Demand sacrifice? ✓
Force us to spend more time taking care of our feet? ✓ 
Make us prone to accidents? ✓
Pose health risks? ✓
Disfigure our bones? ✓

Besides, to be frank I find very few high heels really nice. Pointed shoes? Nah. Pumps with large fronts? Nah. Kitten heels? Nah. Extremely thin heels? Nah. Extremely high heels? Nah. Wedges? Nah. Women are not necessarily sexier wearing them, either. Walk unsteadily? Nah. Walk hesitantly? Nah. Stride? No no no. 

In the past, I disliked high heels merely a bit more than dresses and skirts, and never found them particularly appealing. Only had a soft spot for 1 type. But now, having experienced the torture (which made me take the shoes off and walk barefoot), I hate them with the fire of 1000 suns. 
I'll stick to my usual types of shoes. 
Not feminine? That's OK. I've never been, and I doubt that those Satan's shoes can help anyway.
Here is someone who shares the same 'enemy', the lovely, witty Emma Thompson: 

PS: It should be clarified that my view on high heels, in spite of the comparison above, is less feminist than personal. And I don't condemn people that wear high heels, even if they're feminists- it's their choice. 

Update on 18/6/2014: 
The photo above was stolen. So is this one: +

Any thoughts?

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