Friday, 12 October 2012


Cold cold cold. Whoever up there, hey, you're mistaken. It's just October, just mid-autumn. Hey! Foreshadowing for an early, painfully cold and long winter, eh? My feet become numb they turn purple, my skin turns red when I take a hot shower and I look like a shrimp and my hands are always frozen I can't even touch the warmer parts of my body, my hands get so cold the only thing I should do is to sit on a sofa and keep my hands under my ass, but of course I can't do it because my hands are always used for something, like right now I'm typing on the laptop to write this entry and in a few minutes I will come back to my essay on rhetoric, moreover I can't wear gloves or whatever (that's inconvenient and my hands also sweat, you see, there's a name for it but I've forgotten- I'm not very bright, you see) so they're always exposed to the cold and they're cold and frozen and this is unbearable and winter seems to come early and perhaps there will be snow in November and I am terrified. 

Update on 14/10: Today it has been less cold and I no longer need to turn on the heater but in the morning there was rain and snow mixed. Heck yes, rain and snow mixed in mid-October. 

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