Sunday, 29 July 2012

The importance of things

Then, as it happens, when something's important to somebody only that person is aware of its importance and most people, especially people who aren't very close, fail to realise its significance and thus are likely to consider it as trash and trifle and in some cases, disregarding what that person has said, might even tear it off, destroy it to pieces and throw it away without a thought. 
Oh well, of course the importance of something to somebody is recognised by that person alone, particularly when its importance is due to some memories associated with it. 
But, if only people, when arranging and packing other people's stuff (since the ones who should do it are either sick or far away), bothered to ask "Is this important? Should/ Can we throw it away?" 


  1. Is it better we arrange and pack our stuffs ourselves?

    1. You didn't read the whole post.
      You missed "since the ones who should do it are either sick or far away".