Sunday, 17 June 2012

Russell conjugation

Bertrand Russell: 
- I am firm; you are obstinate; he is a pig-headed fool. 
- I am righteously indignant; you are annoyed; he is making a fuss about nothing.
- I have reconsidered it; you have changed your mind; he has gone back on his word. 

Other interesting examples of Russell conjugation: 
- I am a creative writer; you have a journalistic flair; he is a prosperous hack.
- I am an epicure; you are a gourmand; he has both feet in the trough.
- I am sparkling; you are unusually talkative; he is drunk.
- I am fastidious; you are fussy; he is an old woman.
- I am beautiful; you have quite good features; she isn't bad-looking, if you like that type.
- I day dream; you are an escapist; he ought to see a psychiatrist.
- I have about me something of the subtle, haunting, mysterious fragrance of the Orient; you rather overdo it, dear; she stinks.
- I am merciful, you are lenient, he is a pushover.
- I am thorough and detailed, you have a tendency to give long speeches, he is a bore.
- I am youthful, you are childlike, he is immature.
- I have well-deserved confidence, you have a high opinion of yourself, he is arrogant.
- I am attractively risqué in my clothing, you try too hard, she dresses like a tramp.
- I am a thoughtful intellectual, you are pedantic, he spends his days debating the number of angels that can dance on the head of a pin.
- I am creative, you think in unusual ways, he is a lunatic.

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