Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Rémi Gaillard's pranks

It's surprisingly ridiculous, and even silly, how my mood constantly goes up and down within 1 day. I'm in the weeks of mock exams, and today I left school and went to the town looking as though going to a funeral. 2 things at school, no, actually 3, made me immensely sad, combined with a pile of other horrible, unbearable things in life (about which I don't bother to write, because no one understands, or cares, anyway), and I was so sorrowful and self-destructive that I almost did a stupid thing.
And some hours later, in my armchair I laughed loudly, insanely, unstoppably, uncontrollably, like a mad person, like someone had injected into me some kind of virus which stimulated, or, in simpler words, switched on, the laughing machine inside me. I laughed so much and so loudly that my mom told me to stop so as not to disturb our neighbours.

This is why:

Enough for the day. Will post more if I'm in mood.
Now is the best troll ever:

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