Monday, 13 February 2012

Answers to the whys

1/ Why did I decide to move to another blog? 
Well, simple. Things happen, you know. I believe that I have been sticking to that blog for too long. Change, in this case at least, is a good thing. I want to get rid of some certain things in the past, and keeping writing on the same blog doesn't help much. I'm not a person of memories. Maybe, again, I'm a cowardly runaway, but I want to feel new and fresh. 

2/ Why still blogspot? 
At the beginning, my idea was to move to another site. I have used blogspot for too long. Feel like using something new. But some problems arise. 
Once I created a multiply account, actually, for my mom. I didn't like it. Can't remember why, but I didn't like it. 
I used to have a wordpress blog. Popular, apparently, but weak, boring, quite hard to see, quite complex, and there must have been several reasons I right now can't think of. 
I created a tumblr account yesterday. Tumblr's very popular. My friends in class now urged me to create a tumblr account, and I did, but now I'm going to delete it. Why? Well, tumblr is very cute and modern-looking, but is very limited. For example, I can't choose a font for each post. When I choose a template, it has a font for all of the posts. That's the problem. I care about fonts, actually. Some fonts look ugly, but when I use a nice font, Georgia for instance, I can't type Vietnamese. More importantly, if you think about types, categories, tumblr seems to be closer to facebook and twitter than blogspot or wordpress or multiply or 360 yahoo, because it focuses more on social interaction than writing. Some options I need concerning privacy are not on tumblr. I wouldn't say tumblr is boring. Some tumblr sites I know are awesome. But usually, with tumblr, it works like this: you go to other tumblr blogs (this one for example), you follow people, you read the posts, you laugh or say "awww", and you repost, you tell people to follow you, then you see how many people like or repost your posts, and then you continue to repost others... It would be a generalisation to make a conclusion for all tumblr blogs in general, but most people use tumblr that way, and that's how it's supposed to be. Tumblr focuses on "repost". 
Besides, usually, the things people often repost are the things that sound cute or make me laugh but are forgotten after 2 seconds. I don't feel the need to have a blog containing such things. Pointless. 
These are the 2 blogs of 2 of my friends in class now:
It's up to you to decide whether or not to use tumblr. It's simply not for me. 
Anyway, come back to the topic, I also thought about creating a typepad. Why? Because Abiola Lapite has one. And guess why I don't use typepad? Because it's not free! It isn't. You get a 14-day free trial, and afterwards there are 3 options for you to choose, and you have to pay monthly. No thank you. 
Some other sites don't attract me at 1st glance. Some also require money. Some need to be downloaded (yeah, downloaded!). LiveJournal, like tumblr, doesn't allow me to change the font and has 1 fixed font for all entries depending on the theme I choose. 
So, as everyone can see, I'm back at blogspot. A new blog, though. 


  1. I just love wordpress and blogspot. Yet wordpress is way to complicated for me.
    I do have a tumblr account tho. But I don't do much about the blog. I just follow people and I think some people in tumblr are pretty much awesome and creative. I also love tumblrbot. But he's somekind of an asshole. But cute guys are all like that you know.

  2. change... hmm... the fish stank is still there

  3. Because I want the fish to be there.