Tuesday, 10 February 2015


This is what happened today: I banged my foot on a sofa. Or rather, I was aiming at something else, but hit the sofa instead. Terribly painful. The peak of stupidity. So I got a bloody toe and a limp, and could only cover it with a plaster and went out. Took twice as long to walk anywhere. When I returned home, just some meters before my apartment, I slipped on some ice (yeah, winter in Norway), and bumped the wounded toe into something again. I got several bruises, 1 of which was at the joint and looked as though my toe could fall off any moment, and lost some skin- the open wound had a piece of skin still attached to it, like a lid. 
What a lovely day. 


  1. Rx: See a doctor, take it easy, and drink plenty of brandy!

    1. I don't drink though :-s

    2. Try hot cocoa or a trip to Starbucks. (Do you have Starbucks in Oslo?)

    3. Yeah, we do.
      Right now I'm having café au lait.