Thursday, 12 June 2014

[No fun here]

Reading War and Peace very, very slowly. Lately I go out almost every day and each time, for hours, then at home have so many messages to answer, as I just came back to fb about 2 weeks ago after being away for 3 months. Feel so sleepy these days, like I got a virus that caused sleepiness. On Tuesday for instance, having so many things to do I went from 1 place to another, feeling so fatigued, then I had to see a friend and battled with drowsiness for another while that finally I slept on the bus home and suddenly awoke to find myself 2 stops away from where I had to get off. Walked home afterwards.
Yesterday was my birthday. Rather dull. Spent several hours attending a seminar (on human rights and pro-democracy activism in VN and the current crisis with China), looking at a book which included an article I'd written a long time ago, which I never knew existed until probably last month (extreme, schlocky, with heaps of silliness) and talking politics to a friend who had no interest in anything else and who would talk about nothing else even if I attempted to change the topic. By the time we (my family) went out for dinner, all I wanted to do was to sleep.
Not sure what's wrong with me. 
In fact, I'm very, very sleepy at the moment. Must be a virus. 
 (from "This is it" on fb)


  1. Di,

    Could be a change in the weather. I get especially drowsy when going from winter to summer here. A friend of mine was talking about the same thing a week or so ago when we got a long string of very hot days.

    1. Oh yeah, right, that could be the reason.
      I'm worried though, if I keep getting tired so easily, I can't join some friends to Stavanger in some months.

  2. Di,

    If that's the cause, it usually clears up in a week or so.

  3. Humph. Silly. I've just remembered that I've been taking some medicine for coughing, which causes sleepiness.