Friday, 15 November 2013

Note 1

Let me tell you something. Listen. Let me tell you something. You think they care about us? No they don't. Ask them about Vietnam and ask them what they know. Vietnam is a country not a war. Some decades ago they protested against the war, demonstrated against it, condemned Americans and talked as though they really cared about us Vietnamese people but they didn't. They don't care now and they didn't then. Don't believe what they've told you. They were against the war either because they were Americans and didn't want their relatives to die in some remote country or because they were against Americans or the West or whatever. It was all politics I tell you. Ask them if they know anything about Vietnam except the war. Ask them if they know how it has turned out for us after the war ended, after they won. Yes they won. They won the battle because they were so loud. Such big mouths. Such enthusiasm. Nobody ever cared about us, I tell you. Tell them what our country has become and see if they care and you'll know what I mean. Ah they condemned the Southern regime and sided with the communists and called the communists nationalists, heroes, true patriots. I bet many still do. And what do they know about us, those idiots. They don't even ask themselves why millions of Vietnamese people fled, they don't even wonder why we didn't happily celebrate the end of the war, the reunification of the country, they don't even wonder why Vietnam's where it is nowadays. You know why? Because they don't care. Because our country no longer matters to them, because our country no longer serves any purpose for them. That's why.

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