Saturday, 5 October 2013

Thoughts on families

People often think it's a whim when I state definitely I won't have kids. They tell me everybody thinks that same way in teenage years. Now I'm 20, they think I'm still young and I'll change my mind. They don't understand. People think it's an obligation for everyone to have a family and then to have kids, or at least, a natural thing for everyone, but that isn't the case. Some people don't have the qualities to be parents, that's why there are dysfunctional families. In some families there may seem to be some harmony because the kids don't rebel, don't run away, don't drink or do drugs, but that doesn't mean there is true harmony and those parents are really good parents. I don't mean they don't love their kids enough. Love ain't the point.
Then some, or perhaps most people, find it shocking and incomprehensible that some others understand themselves enough to be aware that they themselves can never be good parents. 
Love ain't the point. Not everybody can be parents. And don't tell me it'll naturally work out. Because if it's wrong from the beginning, it's just wrong. 
[I don't think everybody should have kids either.] 

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