Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Boy. More goddamn books by Salinger to be published.

Look at these articles.
No kidding. This really kills me. Such swell news. 
"The catcher in the rye" is terribly good and enjoyable, and his short stories are perfections, my favourites are "A perfect day for bananafish", "Teddy", "For Esmé- with love and squalor", "Pretty mouth and green my eyes", "Franny", "Zooey" and "The heart of a broken story". I have been saying for years that he's already dead, people should publish his unpublished works, and now, this is terrific. The books haven't come out yet, and won't, for any time soon, but I'll buy them. I'll definitely buy them.

Update on 6/9: 
Titles of the 5 new works revealed:

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