Friday, 14 June 2013

Dominic West as Richard Burton and Helena Bonham Carter as Elizabeth Taylor

Not sure if this is a good idea. 
They just made a film about Elizabeth Taylor portrayed by Lindsay Lohan. Now they're making another one with Helena Bonham Carter. 
A few years ago they made a film about Marilyn Monroe, played by Michelle Williams. Now Marilyn Monroe's being portrayed by Naomi Watts. And in my opinion, neither Michelle Williams nor Naomi Watts have the qualities that make Marilyn Marilyn.
I wonder why they have to keep making biopics of film stars. The way I see it, biopics in general are OK, because we the audience have a certain distance from other people outside the showbiz, but film stars are too familiar- we can easily see them move, walk, talk, smile, laugh, cry, etc, and some of them are iconic or even legendary, so it's very difficult for us to watch the performance without having the thought that this person has nothing at all in common with the person she or he is playing. 

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