Monday, 18 March 2013

Dana Carvey mocking Daniel Day-Lewis

Check this out.

There are 2 videos here.

(In the 2nd video there are 2 parts where Hugh Jackman talks about Daniel Day-Lewis).

My thoughts on the 1st video:
1/ Dana Carvey who?
2/ Praising Daniel is never overpraising. If Marlon Brando changed acting and was called a marker- there's 'before Brando' and 'after Brando', Daniel Day-Lewis has also been said to elevate the art of acting to another level. As I've said, he showed me what an actor can do, and totally changed my view on acting.
Jack Nicholson has had 12 Oscar nominations and won 3 times, but I haven't ever seen anybody say the same thing about him.

3/ Does Carvey do a good impersonation of Daniel as Lincoln? Sorry, but not even close.
The guy in this video is much better.

4/ I have seen Daniel praise Heath Ledger, Robert De Niro, Joaquin Phoenix, Pete Postlethwaite, George Clooney, Ryan Gosling, etc. Does that make him less great? No. 
This guy Dana Carvey mocks, tries to make fun of and to bring down Daniel Day-Lewis. Does that make Carvey any better? No. 
2 words: Jealous. Pathetic. 
5/ Not even funny. Pathetically, Carvey's not even funny. 

Update on 20/3: 
The host Jay Leno is pathetic. That attitude in the show is ridiculous- I mean, 1 guy gets jealous and tries to bring down a great one, and then he laughs and cheers? What the heck? And what's up with "Dana Carvey is Daniel Day-Lewis", "Dana Carvey channels his inner Daniel Day-Lewis", "Is that Dana Carvey or Daniel Day-Lewis?"? Seriously, he knows very well that Daniel never bothers to come to his cheap, mediocre, stupid show. 

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