Saturday, 5 January 2013

Don't tell anybody

The fact is, your trouble is yours and yours alone. Don't tell anybody. Don't confide in anybody. Don't share. And most importantly, don't expect anything. Especially with the trouble you're facing now. For people don't believe, assuming you're biased, prejudiced or exaggerating, and if they do believe, they may not understand, not experiencing the same things, and if they can put themselves in your shoe and understand you, they may not care, and if they care, they may not cheer you up or console you, or worse, may express some pity and of course pity's the last thing on earth you need. 
See? In the end, you have nobody but yourself and that's all you need to know and have to remember, firmly, when you exist in this world, and want to survive. You have nobody but yourself. 

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