Sunday, 11 November 2012


The trouble with her is, she has lived in a bubble for too long. She's been living in a bubble, in her imagination and fantasy, in dreams and illusions. Most of the time when something like this happens she pictures in her mind several possibilities, scenes, dialogues, even several stories, all of which seem likely but all of which stop as possibilities and no more. A couple of times she ventured outside the bubble, having some hope, but it didn't work out in the end. Once she realised her intuition was wrong. Another time she realised she wasn't wrong but the moment she came back after a period of time it was too late- and people change- there was nothing she could do to get back to the past. And perhaps a few other times but they've been forgotten, been a part of the past, been buried deep in sand. But 2 times were enough to break her. She's broken. Or maybe, maybe right from the beginning she was already broken. 
Without knowing it.

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