Thursday, 8 November 2012

Au revoir

On Monday night the temperature fell below 0. I was afraid there would be snow in the morning, but the next day it wasn't snowing. There was just a thin layer of snow, or some bits, on everything. The ground, the grass, the trees... no longer looked no same as before, but snow hadn't covered the whole place yet, deceiving the eyes, giving the illusion that all colours had faded. It looked lifeless and depressing.
In a sense, the depressing weather seemed to be foreshadowing something even more depressing- when I was at the university Klasien came to the lecture and told me she's leaving on Friday. Leaving on Friday. She said she's going to take her kid with her back to Holland, leaving her husband here. She couldn't take it any more. I was shocked, too shocked to even have the 'shocked' expression.
She said a lot more. To be truthful I don't feel sad for the end of her marriage, or for her leaving Norway. She believed she did the right thing and so did I. 6 years is too much of a waste, but now's not too late to begin again, especially with a person like her, smart, strong, independent, confident, sociable, clever and trilingual, she would have nothing to worry about. Perhaps my sadness is purely selfish, but it's strange, really, that I may feel this sad, immensely sad, losing somebody I've just known for a couple of months, or maybe the other way around, it's sad that somebody I've just known for a couple of months already starts to leave- everything's so fleeting. 
I'll miss her. I'll miss her laughter. 
No, I start missing her already.
It snowed for the rest of the day. 

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