Tuesday, 30 October 2012

In the name of Feminism

1/ People generally aren't interested in celebrities' sex lives (anyone that is has a problem), therefore celebrities don't need to discuss their sex lives in public. 
2/ In a free country, journalists and reporters can ask whatever questions they want. Whether or not you answer and how you answer those questions is your own choice and therefore your responsibility. No one forces you to reveal personal things. 
3/ Everyone can strip. Not everyone can be sexy. 
4/ There's just a thin line, a very thin line, between sexiness and vulgarity. 
5/ When an actress is famous for sex appeal on screen, she'd better let people think/ imagine her being hot and passionate rather than say she and her boyfriend "have sex like Kenyan marathon runners". It's cheap. Just like it's better to expose a little and let men imagine the rest than to be completely naked. 
6/ It's never a good idea for a celebrity to speak ill of a colleague, a family member or a former spouse. 
7/ The idea that men and women should be equal doesn't mean men and women are alike. As a matter of fact, men and women are physically, mentally and spiritually different. Therefore women don't have to do whatever men do just to appear feminist. 
8/ My being against the so-called liberalness of some American female celebrities doesn't mean I'm anti-feminist, doesn't mean I think it's OK for men but not for women. I object to Olivia Wilde saying her vagina died just as I object to Shia LaBeouf discussing his sex life. I object to Rihanna feigning masturbation on screen and on stage just as I object to the lyrics and the 'wiggle off' of Redfoo in "Sexy and I know it". Call me traditional, call me conservative, call me close-minded, to me such things are cheap. I wouldn't use those words "immoral", "immodest" or "indecent", and people do whatever they like, but my personal view is that I consider such things cheap. Vulgar and cheap. 
9/ The golden mean is the best way for everything, at least most things. 
(after reading about Olivia Wilde and the revival of her vagina) 

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