Friday, 27 July 2012

To the bee community

To the bee community, 
Today I express deep regret for the death of 1 of your members, to whom I hereby will refer as the Bee. I also apologise for my inability to organise a formal funeral. 
However, sincerely sad as I am for the death of 1 individual, I'm still a person of principle. 

1st, this, including the balcony where you are staying, rightfully belongs to us. That's an undeniable fact. We have paid and signed the contract confirming that this place belongs to us and us alone. It's because of our kindness that you bees can stay on the balcony, but that's all- the rest is our territory, and ours alone. Last night, the Bee crossed the border, which is the door, stepped into our territory and flew around defiantly, distracting me and simultaneously making me feel uncomfortable and not at ease, especially when the Bee flew around the 2 lightbulbs, with a kind of childish and impulsive arrogance. A violation of our territorial sovereignty costs a price. 
2nd, though there has been no formal, written contract, it can be agreed that we, humans and bees, should live together in harmony, if that's your wish to stay on this balcony. However, you have attacked 2 of my guests for no particular reason, whereas they have done nothing that affects your rights.
3rd, even though you bees are not directly the cause, you bees are nevertheless 1 way or another related to and can be blamed for the hay fever that has been tormenting us 3, with sneezing, coughing, runny noses and red eyes. After all, it's a fair game. You bees and pollen. I human and perfume. I, anyhow, when carrying the little perfume bottle in my hand and approaching my lamp with the Bee in it, had no intention of killing 1 of your members but only wanted to tell the Bee to go away and come back to the balcony, after unsuccessfully attempting to do so in words, and it simply accidentally killed 1 member of the bee community. 
In the end, all I would like to say is, you bees can leave as you please, but if we humans and bees are to live together and live in harmony, the key word is "respect". Respect each other, respect each other's rights, and respect the law and the rules. 
Thanks for your attention. 


  1. You can be a lawyer.

    First, in honor of speaking out the truth without the fear of being the 3rd victim of The bee community.

    Second, in honor of having a heart that cries for a deathly arrogant member of The bee community.

    Third, in honor of honoring the Rule, the Order and the Law.

    :)) Just kidding :))

  2. I have one very big request: when you log on Skype, please send me something, because my messages sent to you yesterday and today are still loading.

    Skype seems to hate me a lot. So you need to corporate, dear :))

    1. I sent you the link to this blog entry at noon yesterday and it's still loading here.

    2. Ok. We are the victims of internet trafficking... Cool...