Monday, 9 July 2012

The most irritating person I've ever encountered

Today I encountered the most irritating person I'd ever met in my life. 
My grandma and I went to a clothing store to buy some stuff, and when I stood there waiting for my grandma in the changing room, a short, seemingly uneducated and rustic Vietnamese woman approached, asked me whether I was Vietnamese and afterwards bombarded me with tons of questions such as why I spoke English to a person there and how long I had lived here and what my name was and where I lived and who I lived with and where my dad was and how old I was and why I didn't speak Norwegian and why I took an international programme instead of going to a Norwegian class and whether I had family or relatives in VN and which grade I was in before coming to Norway and whether I bought any pants that were sold at 29 kroner... Most important of all she kept asking me several times with different kinds of question about why I didn't learn Norwegian perfectly and didn't come to an ordinary Norwegian class as though it were bothering and tormenting her deeply and if she couldn't find the answer she would have a heart attack and die instantly. 
And guess what, when my grandma went out of the changing room and spoke to me (yes, to me) that the pants were OK and she would take them, that woman, failing or pretending not to notice that I saw her as a nuisance- which was deliberately obvious on my face though I expressed almost nothing clearly in words, comfortably came closer to my grandma, took the pants, looked at them, commented, looked at the price (yes, the price), and again commented. 
What kind of person is that, really? Why, I must ask, do some people upon the 1st meeting want to know every single detail of the personal life of someone they meet? 
The whole time I was so unusually calm and polite that now thinking about it I am amazed by myself. 
She should be grateful that I wasn't in bad mood, otherwise I would have told her to fuck off and go fuck herself. 

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