Friday, 20 July 2012

La la la

5th of being sick. i don't remember ever having been sick that long. my head ain't clear right now. summer ain't here. our new apartment has a balcony and there are bees. we're currently living with bees, literally. "dance dance dance" should have been a film instead of a book- redundant, over-detailed descriptions of actions, events, happenings, people, background music, etc. i prefer seeing images to reading someone write down such details. 1 broken relationship leads to another one, but this time with no sadness or resentment. the sacred triangle has also broken, but not because of me as initially thought, but because it's never meant to be. i passed the ib and have been accepted to university. the guy at the sushi bar at kr.sand can keep waiting, if he pleases, for i ain't gonna come back. sometimes i watch something trivial, frivolous, entertaining, something that makes me laugh and feel happy, but to watch a good film, however sad and depressing it might be, brings pleasure, pure pleasure. al pacino in "scent of a woman" becomes 1 of the best movie performances. i stand between 2 people in a fight, observing, making no comment- the guy says he now realises that the girl is dangerously hypocritical and despicably 2-faced, unworthy of any respect, which is of no surprise to me, but no further comment is needed, but at least, the girl remains silent and says no bad word of him, which makes the guy now appear petty, pathetic and childish. the best scene in "dog day afternoon" in my opinion is when sonny, played by al pacino, on the hottest day of summer with no fan and no air-conditioning, hot and distressed and tired and sweaty and tired, stuck in the bank with about 8 people with 1 dull, dim-witted accomplice and a bunch of cops outside, talks on the phone with his wife, who talks and talks and talks and talks and talks nonstop without listening to him, and he gets mad and yells and yells and finally slams the phone. finnish joke: how can you tell if a finn likes you? he's staring at your shoes instead of his own. 1 man has 15 tattoos of miley cyrus, whom he calls 'a perfect human being'. still sick, i'm about to lose my voice, and currently enduring a sore throat, a runny nose, with headaches, sneezes and coughs, and pain all over my body. it surprises me and baffles me that norwegians have such capability of self-consolation. norway has many good things and generally has a positive reputation, but if only norwegians stopped saying norway's the best place in the world, and stopped talking about things they don't have. like daniel day-lewis said, martin scorsese is a master, truly a master. amazingly enough, "taxi driver" really struck me, and shook me (daniel was also 19 when he 1st watched it and was inspired by it, in 1976, when he watched about 5, 6 times in the 1st week). to be surrounded by oslo voices is odd and funny, though i've been to oslo many times before and am very used to oslo accent. 1 household, i realise, should have a man, since, even if being called self-contradicting i don't believe in absolute equality between men and women, and as a matter of fact at certain things men are a lot better than women, or sometimes, there are things only men can do (i say it from the point of view of a girl growing up in a family of 3 females). it chortles me when a guy friend in oslo asks whether i miss kr.sand, i believe, with conviction, even though living here has some inconveniences such as longer winter or more time-consuming travelling (i now truly and fully understand the word "commute") and much more ridiculously high prices, i'm still a city person, and even if oslo isn't that much better, i'm totally fed up with that depressingly tiny and boring town. but i do miss 1 friend in kr.sand- i miss her already, a girl who at the beginning seemed dim-witted and tedious, who at the beginning i  made fun of, later proves to be a good, honest, reliable and generous friend, who's much better than some charismatic, interesting, fun people i knew at school who later turned out to be hypocrites. 
i don't even know what i'm talking about. 
i'm bored and boring. 

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