Tuesday, 19 June 2012

When "goodbye" isn't soaked in sadness

I don't write very much recently. Life's been more idle than ever. Basically I've been sleeping and eating and reading and facebooking and watching football and killing spiders. 
Perhaps this is high time to announce that within some weeks my family will move to Oslo. That's some good news. The process of packing and throwing things and buying new ones and bringing stuff to another city of course isn't nice, during the 3 years in Kristiansand we've lived in 3 different apartments, but it makes me feel better thinking of moving to a new place and getting out of here. On 10/6 I came back from Paris and spent the next day "celebrating" my 19th birthday whilst suffering from severe post-travel syndrome. It kept tormenting me for a few days afterwards and only now, when it's over, can I write some lines. 
Kristiansand can be described as a small town with wooden houses and sea and forests and hills, peaceful and pretty, and having a rather nice climate compared to most other cities and towns in Norway including Oslo, but quiet, tranquil and boring, with the population of approximately 83000, 1 main street, 1 theatre, 1 cinema (and a little one that doesn't deserve to be mentioned) and some tiny museums, a town where most stores are closed at 5 on weekdays and mostly closed on Sunday (except a few ones like the Joker, McDonald's or 7-Eleven). Call me a pessimist, a cynic, a negativist, but it's an awful place, extremely and unbearably depressing on Sunday, and it always baffles me to think how I've endured those past 3 years. Maybe thanks to the IB, thanks to the 2 years of stress and hard work. And literature as well, so that I've been able to find a refuge in another world. And I believe, after leaving this town, I'll remember my 3 years here as days of waiting. Waiting waiting waiting. I'm fed up with the Norwegian bureaucracy, fed up with their slowness, laziness, inflexibility and rigidity. 
Having visited many times, I can prepare myself for Oslo, uglier and colder with a longer and more freezing winter, and said by Kristiansand lovers to be more chaotic, less safe and less peaceful, but as a bigger city, Oslo is also more eventful, more crowded, more interesting, more convenient, more diverse, more flexible and possibly more open and liberal. At any cost, change is good. If you loathe a place, get out of it, move. The new place, you might like it, you might not, 50/50, but at least it's better than staying in a loathsome place and whining about it and dreaming of places you'll never know. I'm a city person, moreover. 
Concerning other things I don't know what to write about. There isn't much that should be noted. At the moment, at least. 


  1. Sắp chuyển nhà sao?
    Oslo có thể đông hơn nên có thể vui hơn.

    1. Ừa, sắp dọn. Kế hoạch là vậy.