Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Snow White and the Huntsman

So I like "Snow White and the Huntsman" because of the guys and in spite of the girls.
Well, kidding.
The film is not horrendously bad but less than OK. 

Anyway, now I'm serious. 
While I was at the cinema and watching the film, there were some scenes I enjoyed, some nice scenery (especially the land of fairies), some impressive visual effects, some epic battles. But now, thinking it over, to be honest I have no idea what the whole film is about. Isn't it a love story? Sorry for spoiling it for you if you haven't watched the film, but irrespective of the name, the misleading name, it's not really a love story between Snow White and the Huntsman. I don't see the love between them, can't even say when they fall in love and how it develops. Some things he does and some risks he takes can be said (or are supposed) to be due to love, but I can also say they're driven by his kindness and compassion and goodness. I can see that he loves her only because he says it and I can know who the "winner" is when seeing whose kiss awakens her from the apple's spell (the kiss, by the way, is taken from "Sleeping Beauty", don't you think?). More sadly, the Huntsman, charming and attractive as he is, with strength and bravery, still appears quite dull. A love triangle, then? Snow White and the Huntsman and William? No, not really. William is played by that attractive guy who appeared in "Pirates of the Caribbean 4" but is also awfully dull. The only reason, I assume, for his presence in the film is that later on the evil queen disguises herself as William and thus tempts the pretty girl to eat the apple, and that can be a valid reason after all, but I just wish that he were more interesting and had more significance. Kristen Stewart and 2 guys, neither of whom has a personality, what does that sound like? Yes, that's correct: "Twilight". So, back to the question, basically, there's not much difference between this film and the fairytale (except that the film is much darker and apparently isn't suitable for children), it's still about Snow White vs the queen, except that, I feel, "Snow White and the Huntsman" slightly focuses more on the queen, her cruelty and inhumanity, her obsession with beauty and youth and her immense fear of ageing (which, ironically, reminds me of "Painted Skin"). 
In short, something's wrong with the title there. How about "Snow White and Queen Ravenna"? Better. I recommend something like "The Revolution". I know it sounds slightly irrelevant, yet when hearing a character say something like "you're your father's daughter" and "people will rise up in your name", immediately I thought of Aung San Suu Kyi. 
Now, come to think of it, I burst into laughter recalling the scene where the queen kills the king in the bed. Doesn't it just remind you of "Basic Instinct"? 
Anyway, that's the storyline. Now the cast.  
Charlize Theron might be praised for her portrayal of the queen, but I think she's fine in scenes when she has no lines. Her shouting, after a while, becomes tiresome and unbearable, especially her enunciation of every single word. There's something theatrical about her acting as a whole. 
The worst, as predicted, is Kristen Stewart. There have been improvements, I agree. But, 1st, she lacks beauty. Even if I'm the only one to think Charlize Theron is superior in beauty, I wouldn't change my mind. I'm not saying she's ugly, but she's not beautiful enough to be Snow White and isn't as pretty as Lily Collins, the other Snow White in the same year. More importantly, she lacks acting abilities. Imagine Bella dressed in armour, holding a sword, there you get her Snow White. In this film, Kristen Stewart becomes less irritating, I guess, partly because the battles and the fairies and the sexy guys distract me, but still she has that same pained, wide-eyed, mouth-ajar expression (to convey any emotion) and she grimaces and gasps and no more, from the beginning to the end. 
The most likeable one here is actually Chris Hemsworth. It's just unfortunate that, although he's mentioned in the title, the Huntsman is too dull and forgettable. 
The dwarves are pretty good as well. 
In short, for people who haven't watched the film, if you don't care that much about acting and the plot, watch it (and I'm sorry for spoiling it). There are nice costumes, nice scenes, nice cinematography, nice visual effects, nice dwarves plus 2 hot guys (Chris Hemsworth and Sam Claflin), they, if you're a tough critic, just can't save the film. 

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