Thursday, 14 June 2012

A bit of violence

And now, there's no more peace in this house, since things have fallen apart and dreams have broken into pieces and all hope has gone away. And now they both can get mad, fiercely mad, because of anything, in spite of anything- any trifle can enrage them tremendously as though they can reach any object right at hand and use it as a weapon and beat each other, or some unlucky passer-by, to death. An observer might be startled by the fight and thus have the wrong, shallow impression that they loathe each other extremely and have hold a grudge against each other for a long time, yet it's all because both are disillusioned and depressed and unstable and the situation hopeless, and in order to move on, in order to hold onto life, they both must have a way- their own way- of coping with reality, which is to curse and complain and scream and shout and insult, with force and great strength, furiously, aggressively, violently. A bit loud, a bit chaotic, perhaps a bit socially unacceptable, but no one gets hurt either physically or mentally. So for a while there won't be peace, but please, let them do what they have to do, even if it's quite a nuisance, let them do what they have to do, for that's the only way they can cling to life. 

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