Tuesday, 22 May 2012


The same initials. No, I don't think it's random. In fact, the only difference is the middle name.

"She's not mine any more. She no longer is. No longer is." 
"Because she doesn't seem to care about you as you care about her? Because she doesn't express any enthusiasm?" 
"Because she doesn't answer all of your questions?"
"Childlike stubbornness." 
"There are many other guys, many other guys." 
"Wasn't it the same back then? Why were you so confident then, and aren't now?" 

Isn't it odd to realise that a large proportion of a small number of men/guys that have ever hurt or saddened this girl strongly and deeply have their names starting with T? 

"I'm selfish, carefree, frivolous, egoistic, self-centred, perhaps. But I'm moody, complicated, sensitive, vulnerable, troubled, unstable. I love 2 different persons at the same time, for some balance. Don't you understand?" 

Whether or not someone cares about you or understands you isn't measured by the number of Likes. 

Maybe it's better, or at least, more beautiful, to leave it unfinished and tragic? 

"Do you know that you're the only one, the only male and unrelated person, that she allows to call her a kid? Do you know that you're the only one to whom she feels little and fragile (without attempting to hide it), the only one from whom she 'demands' some attention, some care?" 

"Sir, you are no gentleman."
"And you, Miss, are no lady." 

"Do you (still) love me?" 

"So.... what now?" 

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