Saturday, 26 May 2012

Fragments (2)

I'm a person without memories. I have no past, no mystory. What matters is what's here and now. And the 1 thing that matters to me, right at this moment, I love it.

"Do you think you and he are similar or different?"
"Similar enough to understand each other, love each other, become addicted to each other, different enough to learn from each other and not to be bored with each other."

Maybe it's unrealistic, maybe it's impractical, maybe it's irrational, but I'm a daydreamer. An eternal daydreamer.

“Love is a temporary madness, it erupts like volcanoes and then subsides. And when it subsides, you have to make a decision. You have to work out whether your roots have so entwined together that it is inconceivable that you should ever part. Because this is what love is. Love is not breathlessness, it is not excitement, it is not the promulgation of promises of eternal passion, it is not the desire to mate every second minute of the day, it is not lying awake at night imagining that he is kissing every cranny of your body. No, don't blush, I am telling you some truths. That is just being "in love", which any fool can do. Love itself is what is left over when being in love has burned away, and this is both an art and a fortunate accident.”(Louis de Bernières)

"In a relationship, sometimes, you need to go away, for a while, to make the other person miss you, think of you. And if that person doesn't miss you, doesn't think of you, doesn't feel sad being without you, then there's nothing between you and them and there're more reasons to go away. To be temporarily apart is also an opportunity for both to think it over, for each to consider the significance of the other on their life, to see whether it's over and nothing can be done or it's inconceivable that they and you should ever part."
(me, 22/3/2012)

"I don't like the wind here. Strong, cold, devastating." 
"I like strong wind. Generally I like things that are fierce." 
"So that's why you love me?" 

"Do you believe in destiny?" 

Hey Haruki, thank you, thank you, thank you.

La vie en rose.

People pass through each other's lives, then move on and forget about each other's existences. In this world, we might resume a relationship with someone to whom we have said goodbye (of course only when they mean anything to us). In the other world, when space is big, life short and people many, the chance is even smaller, almost 0. So if 2 persons, separated for a longer time than the time they had spent together, find each other again, does it mean their paths are intertwined with one another?

That's just how my brain works. Either utterly obsessed, or uninterested.

Most things seem to be random. Some more like carefully planned. Do you believe in destiny?

"When you give some hint and she asks you obvious questions as though being too slow-witted to get it, she means you need to say it, say the truth, and stop giving hints. That's enough. Don't you understand?" 

It's beautiful. 

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