Sunday, 1 April 2012

Did you know?

- The 1st natural blue roses have been found in Japan.
- In Norway, not only can you receive financial help from the state, but you can also apply for a boyfriend by filling in a form and sending it to the government.
- Kim Jong Un was assassinated 2 months ago. The one in power now is his twin. Before the assassination, this brother had been imprisoned in a castle with his face covered by an iron mask.
- In Thailand Unvalentine Day is celebrated on 12/4 every year. People send cards to their ex-lovers, with words such as "You ruined my life!", "7 billion people on earth, why did I have to meet you?" or "Roses are red/ Violets are blue/ Cashews are nuts/ And so are you." There can also be cards for unhappy long-term couples with words such as "Dying inside", "Isn't this enough suffering?" or "What did I do in my previous life to be punished like this?"
- In order to prepare for the role in "There will be blood", Daniel Day-Lewis acquired 4 of the world's 5 largest oil producers. However after filming he had to give up most of his shares since it violated international anti-monopoly laws.
- An anime is a chemical compound that consists of 1 oxygen atom (O), 1 tantalum atom (Ta), 1 potassium atom (K) and 1 uranium atom (U). Its molecular formula is OTaKU.
- Wikileaks reveals, there's an agreement between Nguyen Tan Dung and Hu Jintao in which Nguyen Tan Dung, the Vietnamese prime minister, agrees not to invade China on condition that Tibet and Xinjiang become free with the presence of Vietnamese troops for the security of these 2 countries.
- Mark Zuckerberg actually works for CIA, and facebook's invented in order to keep files on everybody.
- 1 centipede contains as much vitamin C as 3 bananas.
- Limes and lemons come from the same tree. When a lime falls from a tree, a certain bacteria grows inside the lime, turning it yellow and bloating it from the inside out.
- 30% of the fish in the Southeast Asian Sea are born autistic and refuse to "communicate" with each other. Scientists have been researching for decades but haven't found out why.
- In 1914, Adolf Hitler's girlfriend, a Russian communist, cheated on him with a Jewish man. That explains why he had a deep hatred for Jews and communists.
- Eating a goat's penis is good for a man's sex life.
- It has been found out that on the planet Uranus (pronounced: "your anus"), there are beings that look almost the same as human beings on earth. There are also 2 genders. However, beings of the same sex have sexual intercourse, and reproduce. There are also a few couples who do the opposite, i.e, have a relationship with someone of the opposite sex, but that's considered disgraceful and they become outcasts. In some villages they might even be stoned to death.
- Every year there are demonstrations in France demanding men's rights. It never works.
- Cat saliva can be used to make glue.
- Voldemort has 1 Horcrux left.
- The Berlin wall was built with Lego bricks.
- "Twilight" is actually based on a true story, with Stephenie Meyer being Bella. However, Meyer's vampire is, you know, a vampire, unable to have an erection and thus unable to have sex. They break up. Stephenie Meyer starts to invent the story in the way she likes.
- Nguyen Tan Dung says Vietnam might impose an embargo on USA due to the violations of human rights in this country.
- It has just been found that in an isolated area in Iraq, there are people of a completely new race- purple skin. It doesn't seem like they have been affected by any chemical, and their skin colour is purple only to adapt to the environment. Besides, their hair is silvery.
- Tumblr is invented by Muammar Muhammad Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi.
- Brazil's national religion is Football. Their national anthem is about football. Every Monday morning instead of saluting the flag, Brazilians play football. Football is also a compulsory subject at school for every student, and anyone who doesn't pass the subject doesn't pass that grade.
Then Yuko Shimizu realised that it would be quite limited, therefore she created Hello Kitty, which could be more appropriate and likeable for other groups of people.
- The longest word to be found is a German word.
- A Chinese scientist has invented a drug that works like "soma" in "Brave new world" by Aldous Huxley, which makes people forget about all sadness, misery and pain, and always feel happy. In China now there's a new law saying that everyone has to buy and use soma. Of course on the surface it sounds very good that a drug can make people remain in a happy state forever, but it also makes people become carefree, frivolous and indifferent to any negative thing happening around them.
- Next year people will have the opportunity to watch the 1st film in history that has scents. Of course it doesn't work if you watch it on TV or your computer, but if you go to the cinema and watch the film, you can smell everything in the film as though you're being there.
- The latest product of Apple is iBed, basically a bed that can change shape (turning into a car or an armchair with a desk or a bathtub), can change temperature, cleans and dries itself, has music, has a computer screen with everything a laptop can do... It's invented by an Iranian man living in the USA, who prefers to call himself an iRanian.
- In the US there's a new trend: to have turtles as pets. Because people always do everything fast, they try to slow down life by getting a turtle. It also brings peace to the mind. Even the American president has 1 turtle.

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